Auto Bitcoin Script Earn $50 daily

Step 1 ) Sign up Free bitcoin Wallet :

Step 2 ) Create a new Free Bitcoin Account :
You can Create more than 1 Account to Run Script on other Computer (other IP address)

Step 3 ) Sign up a new account on captcha service:

Step 4 ) Captcha some characters to earn points (balance) :

Step 5 ) Create your own API on captcha service: Click to then copy the value that "New API Key" had created.

Step 6 ) Install imacros add-on . Then right click to file C:\Users\K3Lvinmitnick\Documents\iMacros\Macros\#Current.iim, Edit your own Script, E.g:

Step 7 ) Play (Run) your Script !

Note: Run on Firefox with imacros 8.9.7 (Remember to turn off Auto update imacros)

See more details on Youtube ► or

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BOOST 10000 FACEBOOK LIKES LESS THAN 1 MINUTEI) Setup these Apps before:
1) imacros:
Click to "iMacros Free Versions"
iMacros for Firefox
iMacros for Chrome
iMacros for Internet Explorer 32bit | 64bit

2) Reg Acc from
II) Run Above Tools
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Twitter Script:

More Points, more Likes. So, you can Signup more accounts and run with more Browsers.

Note: If You want to pause campaign for one of your site/page - click on pause button(CPC=0 automatically). If you want to start it again, you can click on start button (CPC=5 for all links, CPC=10 for subscription user's links - automatically) and then change your CPC.

How To Free Up Storage Space On Your Android Device

Improve free space on your smartphone to take it run faster.

Speed up with this way, your mobile will run faster after Cleanup your Android device.

Step 1: Run "File Browser"

Step 2: Click to Cleanup. In the Video, you can see that "Last cleanup yyyy-mm-yy Total space saved 1.21 GB"

Step 3: Click to "Scan now" and waiting for your device scan App cache, log files, Uninstalled app ...

Step 4: Final, click to "Clean all"

Note: Never install a Cleanup App from Google Apps, it will make slow down your Smartphone.

[SOLVED] Ping but can not browse google

Your Windows Ping Google OK but can not Browse Google

Even PING command there's REPLY but Internet Browser Error "page cannot be displayed" or "Server not found" when connect to Google.

The Solution is Your browser use Proxy server with wrong Settings.

Fastest way to fix connect to Google
Hold Windows button and press R then type this command:

inetcpl.cpl , 4
Click to "LAN Settings" , Tick the checkbox "Use a proxy server for your LAN" then Tick the checkbox "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" and Tick the checkbox "Use the same proxy server for all protocols" (After click Advanced TAB)

Final, check Google DNS: or

P/S: If your Browser don't need Proxy, don't Tick to the checkbox "Use a proxy server for your LAN"

Now, don't need to Reboot your Computer, you can connect Google without error !

Download Windows 7,8,10 and Office Direct From Microsoft

Download windows and Office direct from Microsoft: All versions (32bit, 64bit), all languages (EN, US ...) included SHA1 code to check. Without Windows Media Creation Tool (Create a bootable USB), you can use these ways to download Windows, Office ISO file Directly.

Method 1: Direct link to download all ISO files from Microsoft
There are a lot of direct links, so you can use Ctrl+F to Find your direct link of Office or Windows ISO file.

Method 2: Use "user agent switcher for chrome", select Windows Phone or Android to browse.
Default Browse: ► No direct link
Mobile Browse:►Have direct link

Method 3: Use Google E.g:
?intitle:index.of? Windows10 iso

You can use IDM (Internet Download Manager) to download with above methods: You can Pause or Resume as needed.

Never download any Tool from internet to Active Windows or Office: A lot of Malwares are waiting y…

Enable Telnet on Windows 10

Windows 10 set Telnet disabled as default. So, if you run Telnet will receive this error: Telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Here's how to turn onTelnet on Windows 10 (Applied to Windows 7, 8, Server)
Run CMD (Command Prompt) then paste this command:
dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient
Final, Telnet error Fixed !

How to fix chrome font

Chrome Font Before:

Chrome Font After"

How to fix Chrome font:
On the Address bar of Chrome browser, type chrome://flags then click Disable "DirectWrite" windows.
Exit your chrome browser then open it again you'll see the new result.
You can use this way to fix for Facebook font.